A new idea came to my mind this evening. Currently there is only a small chance for me to practice speaking or writing English. So I decided to start writing about my day using this language. I use this blog almost solely for entries about movies I saw when visiting the sneak preview. That’s really too less. Well, let’s see how long or how often I can pull me together and spend some time on using my English skills. ;o)

It’s late and I’m not really awake right now. So I’ll keep my first entry short. That fits to the day which was short, too, because I got up late and did almost nothing today except collecting information about different things (like the upcoming readings this semester etc…). Tomorrow (when I write „tomorrow“ I mean after sleep ;D) I’ll try to get my student ID back. That’s the plan. ;o) I’ll explain tomorrow why it’s not in my wallet.

Good night.