Hm. My idea is not even two days old and I start forgetting to blog. I’ll try to post in time today. ;o) But maybe it’s a nice idea not to write before but after sleeping when my brain is not yet tiring. Well, we will see.

Actually there is not very much to tell. I found out, that the university’s students office is open only in the morning and that I got up way too late. So I’ll have to reschedule my attempt to get my student ID back. By the way…I said I would tell why I don’t have it at all: The last day before the holidays I tried to update the printing on the ID (new semester…) and the terminal that should have done that simply „ate“ it. Great. There was only a small LED blinking „Error“. Because I thought the ZDV (centre of data processing) has to repair it and so late on the last day before holidays nobody will be avaiable to do that, I left it inside. On Tuesday I visited the chief cartaker who told me that he sent the ID he found in the terminal to the student’s office. That’s it. ;o)

There were not any more events to be mentioned except maybe that I decided to have a kind of salad for lunch. You might call the result of this idea „greek salad“. ;o) It was delicious and enough to have another plate for dinner. I’ll have that again during the summer, I think.

Ok. It was late but longer than I planned to write the entries. I’ll not admit failure, yet. ;o)