This day began late because I chose to sleep a litte longer. ;o) After getting up I made an attempt to disassemble my notebook. It used to shut down suddenly when the CPU usage was high a while, so I decided to clean the cooler. The attempt failed… No chance to open it up… How did they put this bloody thing together at first? Well…I dismantled the keyboard and blew into the cooler exit: Fluffs of dust flew out… In fact now there are no more shutdowns. I monitored the temperature through a quickly written script… no more peaks about 90 degree celsius… the maximum was about 73 degree at full usage. Great! After breakfast I started playing „Neverwinter Nights“ (great game…and delivering an official linux client!) and could not stop for a while. ;o) Anyway I took a break to buy some food and have diner. It’s been a long time since I played a game that long. Crazy feeling. ;D

In the evening we – as usual – went to the cinema watching the sneak preview. Nice one. They showed a German movie called „FC Venus“. I’ll write about it tomorrow… in German. ;D